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What is Fiberglass Insulation?

One of the most popular insulation materials in Canada is fiberglass insulation. It is affordable, useful, and simple to set up. Due to its use of recycled materials and lack of chemical off-gassing, it is also viewed as a “green” product.

There are many different thicknesses and R-values for fiberglass. Additionally, it comes in a range of hues, including white, brown, and pink.

For projects involving home remodeling that call for noise reduction, temperature management, and energy conservation, acoustic fiberglass insulation is a fantastic choice. It fills the crevices between the studs in your home and is comprised of glass strands. It has great insulating qualities that make your house comfortable in all seasons.

Insulation made of fiberglass is used to insulate ducting, floors, walls, and ceilings. In addition to being utilized in crawl spaces and attics, it is also employed in HVAC systems. Garages and other places that require insulation also employ fiberglass. For both new building and retrofit projects, it is a fantastic option.

Fiberglass insulation benefits

One of the most well-liked insulation options available today is fiberglass insulation. For your house or place of business, there are several benefits to choosing this insulation, including the following:

  1. Fiberglass is an effective insulator. It efficiently blocks heat transmission because of its very high R-value. Because of this, it is perfect for retaining heat inside during the winter and outside during the summer.
  2. Insulation made of fiberglass is quite durable. It is resistant to fire, mildew, and mold. Unlike some other forms of insulation, it won’t settle with time.
  3. Installing fiberglass is simple. It is delivered in pre-cut pieces that readily fit into the majority of typical wall cavities. Without too much trouble, it may also be introduced to crawl spaces and attics.
  4. This Insulation is not too pricey. One of the most economical types of insulation is this one.
  5. Green technology is used in this insulation. It is produced from recycled glass and does not release dangerous chemicals into the environment.

In general, it is a great option for owners of both homes and businesses. It is a strong insulator, long-lasting, simple to install, and reasonably priced. It is also safe for the environment and doesn’t release any dangerous chemicals.

Type of Fiberglass insulation

This type of insulation comes in two basic varieties: Roll Insulation and Fiberglass batt insulation.

Roll insulation

The most popular kind of fiberglass insulation is roll insulation. To meet your demands, it comes in a range of widths and thicknesses.

Batts and spray foam can be substituted with fiberglass that is rolled up. Fiberglass strands are used to make it, and the strands are then bundled to create the roll. In addition to being more affordable than fiberglass batts and spray foam, this may be used to replace conventional fiberglass insulation.

Roll insulation has a thermal value of 4.3 per inch and r-values that vary from 13 to 30, making it the perfect material for attic and floor insulation.

Fiberglass batt insulation

Less often utilized, batt insulation is typically used in walls and ceilings. It is offered in a range of thicknesses to meet your demands.

They are created from mats of spun glass fibers that are joined together by a resin. To accommodate a variety of applications, the batts are offered in various thicknesses. Both new building and rehab projects employ fiberglass batts. They have high thermal and acoustical characteristics and are simple to install. In addition to being mold- and fire-resistant, fiberglass batts are durable.

Attics, celling, walls, and even floors benefit greatly from fiberglass batt insulation. Typically, batt insulation r-value is r20 and known as r20 insulation.

Yellow fiberglass

Pink and yellow fiberglass are interchangeable. Glass fibers were spun into a yellow cloth to create the batt.

A thickness of 3.4 to 6.25 thermal values per inch and a R value of R11 to R19 are produced using yellow fiberglass.

Pink fiberglass insulation

One of the most often used forms of insulation on the market right now is pink fiberglass insulation. Glass fibers that are spun into a pink cloth are used to make this insulation. After receiving a fire-retardant chemical treatment, the fabric is used to insulate buildings such as houses and offices.

Insulation of this kind is excellent at keeping heat inside and cold outside. Additionally, it is incredibly economical and simple to install. Anyone seeking for an efficient and economical option to insulate their house or business should consider pink fiberglass insulation.

Pink fiberglass has 3.5 to 6.25 thermal values per inch and a R value of R11 to R19.

Loose fill / Blown in fiberglass insulation

The term “loose fill fiberglass insulation” also applies as blow-in fiberglass insulation. A form of insulation manufactured from fiberglass fibers is called blown-in fiberglass insulation. A machine is used to blast the fibers into the insulation. 

After that, the fiberglass blown-in insulation is positioned between the wall or ceiling studs. New construction homes frequently employ this kind of insulation, which is also highly popular for attic insulation.

Because it is so good at keeping heat inside and cold outside, loose fill fiberglass insulation is an excellent option to insulate your house. This kind of insulation is relatively inexpensive and simple to install.

When blown, the usual blown in r value is R2.5 of thermal value per inch.

Fiberglass thermal capacity

The thermal capacity of fiberglass, which is created from recycled glass bottles, is over 2 tons per inch (tpi). 

In order to keep heat out, it is twice as effective as other insulations, which typically have thermal capacities below 1 ton per inch (tpi). 

Comparing fiberglass to other insulations like cellulose or mineral wool, it also offers better fire resistance.

Fiberglass insulation cost

Insulation made of fiberglass typically ranges in price from $0.90 to $1.60 per square foot, depending on the material. Different insulation types could need more work, but it is impossible to estimate how much more without measuring. You may get in touch with GTA Spray Foam to find out how much fiberglass insulation would cost you individually for your valued house. You may reach us by phone at +19056704900 or by email at We will estimate the cost of the insulation for you.

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